Register for Orientation at TCAT Morristown 

    If you are interested in Truck Driving, click here.

    For all other programs, schedule below:

    Once you've applied to TCAT Morristown, Orientation is MANDATORY.

    To increase your chances of being accepted, you must schedule and attend an orientation session by the following suspense dates at any of our locations.

    Spring Trimester (begins January): Attend orientation by October 31st

    Summer Trimester (begins May): Attend orientation by February 28th

    Fall Trimester (begins September): Attend orientation by June 30th

    Use the calendar below to select the location, day and time to register for your orientation. You may attend orientation at any TCAT Morristown campus, even if that is not the location you plan to take classes. Plan to be present for the session for a least three (3) hours.
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    Not Scheduled
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